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UPDATE from the Chair/Vice Chair

On Sunday, October 8, Vice Chair Catherine Ripley addressed the congregation. A slightly modified version of those remarks is herewith provided:  

First, Council now has a date to meet with Kathy Davies, and hopefully Bishop Lynne, via ZOOM on Friday October 20. Yahoo! With them Council will discuss the what and how of all of us moving forward as we continue to process Rev’d Alwin’s resignation. 

Second, the Worship Committee graciously welcomed Kathy and I for their meeting last Monday, and also, with the other members of the Personnel Relations Committee, we met with Rev’d Alwin on Wednesday to better understand the successes and disappointments, the joys and hurts of his last two years of ministry with us. 

Third, out of these two meetings, it became very clear that “we” as a family of faith are not always very good about using our committees to surface any issues or conflicts we might be having with our employees — whether Minister, Admin Assistant, Music Director … — or with what is happening in Worship. It appears that either we raise issues directly with Rev’d Alwin, often right after the service — a time when most ministers are exhausted — or with our neighbours at coffee time or at the grocery store or in the parking lot. Or we hear about an issue from a friend and then raise it on his or her behalf.  

Simply, we have to do better. 

And although we’re going to talk about how to communicate in healthier ways and perhaps set up some new protocols all TOGETHER in the near future, until we do that I am here this morning to say ….  this is why we have Committees! 

How to Raise Up an Issue or an Idea through A Committee

The basic process for surfacing an idea or a complaint for any area of our Church family life together is to put it in writing and/or speak with someone on the Committee that is caring and nurturing that part of our life together.  Please sign and date your idea; anonymous letters will not be dealt with. Please speak for yourself, not for a friend. 

Individually Committee members won’t be able to respond, but as a Committee they will discuss and get back to you. For example, don’t like the coffee? Or have an idea for reaching out to someone in need? Contact the Outreach, Fellowship, and Pastoral Care Committee. Got a great idea for communicating what we are up to?  Contact the Communications Committee. Want to donate an elevator to the church? 🙂 There’s a Property and Maintenance Committee for that. 

So with respect to ideas for improving Worship or expressing dissatisfaction … same thing. Please put it in writing, date it and sign it, and take it to the Worship Committee. The Worship Committee consists of Carol Andrews, Val Bromley,  Eileen Dean, Michael Jones, Elaine Pickles, and Cynthia Smith (Chair).  

And if you are having a problem with a staff member, please put it in writing, date it and sign it, and take it to the Personnel Relations Committee:  Val Bromley, Gerry Semenchuk, Lois Lafaut, Joy Law-Stephenson, and temporarily Kathy Desbiolles and Catherine Ripley.  

Fourth point … last one!!  Simply, thank you!  

Catherine Ripley

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