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The Big Move

It’s hard to believe that it in August 2022 that the actual move from All Saints Anglican Church to #10 Boundary St – the home of the new Kimberley Shared Ministry – Anglican & United was made.  As anyone who has ever moved all the emotions of such an event were felt – such as Regret, Anxiety, Loss, Sadness, Fear, Confusion, Excitement but also the overwhelming relief of the fact that it’s done.  We can now focus our attention on moving forward together and creating something new and wonderful in Kimberley.

Prior to the actual physical moving date of July 30th there was much to be done and soooo many decisions to be made – what does the Diocese require us to keep?  What furnishings  & things will help us feel more ‘at home’ in our new surroundings? What can we sell?  Conversations with United Church folks to determine what they feel would be useful when combining two households and the list goes on.  

One final farewell service was held at All Saints; packing was done; furnishings sold or set aside to be moved; documents poured over to determine what to keep & what could be discarded; a method of removing the bell from the belfry was decided on; movers were booked and volunteers were in place for both buildings for the day of the move.  Of course things don’t always go as smoothly as planned – the movers were late arriving at All Saints which meant some of the volunteers at the Shared Ministry Church waiting to receive the goods could no longer stay to help, due to other commitments; the removal of the bell was a little trickier than anticipated (and there was more in the Belfry than the bell – i.e. pigeons and what they leave behind) but several hours later exhausted and mentally fatigued we could exhale and breathe a sigh of relief by saying Whew – glad that’s done!!!

Only one problem left – the Shared Ministry Church lower hall was now filled with boxes & furnishings with more decisions to be made – but that was to be dealt with on another day!!!

A huge Thank You to all who helped in any way to make this move possible.

Barb Thompson

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