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Summary of a book study

When the Church Stops Working

Over five weeks in January and February, several people from Kimberley Shared Ministry have been taking part in an online book study led by Andrew Stevens-Rennie and Archbishop Lynne McNaughton. The book, When Church Stops Working: A Future for Your Congregation Beyond More Money, Programs and Innovation by Andrew Root and Blair D. Bertrand, explores the question: What do we do to stop the crisis of the declining church. The authors argue that only God can make His church what He wants it to be and suggests that we stop what we are doing, listen carefully and make sure we are working on His plan, not our own. As the subtitle suggests, it has more to do with strengthening our own, individual faith than with planning more bake sales.
Many of the KSM members in the study were also able to meet weekly at the church to review the material specifically in the context of our own faith community. It gave us a chance to discuss more deeply what the book was suggesting and how we might (ironically) put it into action here at KSM. The material was challenging and the discussions thoughtful. So much so that the group has decided to continue to meet monthly to continue discussing how to thrive in our faith and allow God to show us the way forward.
If you are interested in reading the book, a few copies have been added to the library shelves in the Upper Hall. If they are already in use: the paperback is available at Amazon and both Audible and iTunes have ebook versions. Or maybe just ask one of the people who have taken the study what they thought of it. They may offer you their copy along with their thoughts!
The next meetup is planned for Monday, March 11th at 1:30pm. The session will start with a round-table ‘check-in’ from each attendee followed by discussion. Our starter thought for the day: Where did you encounter God this week?

Samantha Bloomfield

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