Kimberley Shared Ministry Agreement

This agreement was approved in July, 2022.

Shared Ministry Agreement

July 10, 2022


With food for the soul and friends for the journey, we serve together in the community and wider world following the example of Jesus.


The name of this congregation shall be Kimberley Shared Ministry: Anglican and United (KSM).  We, the members of Kimberley Shared Ministry: Anglican and United, an ecumenical shared ministry, having the approval of two primary judicatories: the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada, and recognizing the advantages of working together in a common community of faith, witness, learning, service, and support, join in organizing ourselves as a congregation and pledge ourselves to be governed by the provisions of this agreement.


To worship and serve as one community of faith.

To have clergy who minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

To encourage everyone to work together for the mutual benefit of all in Christ’s name.

To seek to be a positive example of ecumenical relations in Kimberley, BC and beyond, while recognizing and honoring the heritages, traditions, and affiliations of our primary judicatories.


This congregation is recognized as a community of faith in both The United Church of Canada and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay.

KSM agrees to support faithfully, with prayer, personal service, and offerings, the work of the church, through the primary participating denominations, and recognizes that the constitutions, bylaws, and enactments of the primary participating denominations govern its life.

The primary way of relating to the participating denominations is through the following structures and their attendant representatives:   Anglican Diocese of Kootenay, Anglican Church of Canada, and its Bishop; United Pacific Mountain Region of The United Church of Canada.  The congregation welcomes the visits of the representatives of the primary participating denominations.

The congregation shall provide for the participation of members in functions relating to the two denominations such as: committees, meetings, conferences, gatherings of the Denominational and Regional Council of the United Church of Canada, and the Regional gatherings and Diocesan, Provincial, and General Synods of the Anglican Church of Canada.   Information received from primary judicatories will be appropriately shared within the community of faith.

Parishioners shall be elected to the positions of the Pacific Mountain Regional Council representative and Diocese of Kootenay Synod and thus represent the two denominations of this community of faith, at meetings of the two primary judicatories. These representatives will act as members of the denominational bodies and provide minutes, reports, and information as requested by KSM council, and as required by the judicatories in which they are members. Representatives serving as links to the primary denominations may be any member of the community of faith, i.e., a member of the Anglican Church may link to the United Church judicatory and vice versa. However, requirements of the judicatories respecting qualifications for representatives attending specific functions will be honoured.


5.1  Congregational Council

The Shared Ministry Congregational Council (Council) shall meet at least six (6) times per year.  The Council shall consist of:    

Executive:   Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer (Chair of Finance)

Clergy (ex officio- member of all committees except Pastoral Relations)

Up to two (2) members at large

Committee Representatives:

  • Worship
  • Personnel Relations
  • Property
  • Pastoral Care, Outreach, and Fellowship
  • Communications

The primary responsibility of Council is to lead the congregation in its work of fulfilling its mission and ministry. Some responsibilities are:

  • Promote unity and encourage engagement of the congregation in the life and work of the church.
  • Provide support to and oversee the relationship with clergy.
  • Appoint the signing officers.
  • Prepare and submit an annual report to the congregation and denominations.
  • Prepare an annual budget to present to the Annual General Meeting.
  • Determine the congregation list.
  • Appoint representatives, standing and ad-hoc committees at its discretion to meet its obligation under this document.

The Council members or their appointees shall perform such other duties as required.

The Council is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

In the event of the resignation or termination of a Council member, the Council may appoint another person to fill that position until either the next Annual General Meeting, or a special congregational meeting held for the purpose of electing a replacement.

It is not necessary for Council members to equally represent United or Anglican backgrounds, but the intention is to have a strong representation from each.

A quorum shall consist of Fifty (50%) Percent plus one more voting member, and the chairperson will vote only in the event of a tie.

5.1a  Officers/Executive

Any member is eligible to serve as a member of Council.

The terms of the Council executives are for three years but are renewable.

5.1b  Clergy

Clergy will be supported locally, by the Personnel Relations committee.

Clergy must be approved by the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church. Responsibility for oversight, correction, and discipline of clergy will be with the denomination of ordination/licensing.

Clergy will participate in the regional and other collegial gatherings of both denominations when possible. 

The compensation and terms of employment will be according to guidelines of their Denomination. 

If a vacancy occurs, a search committee will be formed with representative denominational balance.

Clergy should be chosen as the most suitable for ministry leadership with KSM.

5.2  Congregational Meetings

Kimberley Shared Ministry shall hold an Annual General meeting yearly, not later than the last day of February on the year following.

Special congregational meetings may be called by Council at its discretion or upon the written request of five members rostered on the congregation list, to consider official business of the Shared Ministry in the interim period between Annual General meetings.

All Shared Ministry Annual General Meetings, or special congregation meetings require written or electronic or telephone notice to those on the congregation list not less than ten (10) days, including two (2) Sundays prior to the said meeting.

Voting privileges at congregational meetings shall be granted to all members on the congregational list.

Meetings of Kimberley Shared Ministry do not require denominational balance.

5.3  Membership

To be a member of the shared ministry a person shall commit to the life and work of this community of faith, express that commitment by sharing time, talent, and financial resources, and by participating in worship as one is able.

The shared ministry church welcomes all people into their fellowship.

The shared ministry will maintain a list of all members and their denominational affiliation as needed for annual reporting requirements for the Anglican and United Church offices. The office list will also have an indication of members who have no specific denominational connection (adherents or other).

Baptism is required to be recognized as full members of the Anglican or United Church denominations.

To begin with, all current members of each congregation automatically become members of the new shared ministry.

5.4  Voting

Any member may vote on any, and all issues brought to the congregation unless voting is restricted to full membership by United or Anglican denominational rules. Additional details are available in the Policy and Procedures Handbook.


The affairs of the Shared Ministry are the responsibility of the Council. The Council can strike standing and ad hoc committees. The duties and responsibilities of standing and ad hoc committees are determined by Council.

The Council shall appoint a nominating committee before every Annual General Meeting.  The minister is not a member of the nominating committee.

6.1  Worship Committee

Purpose:  This committee shall provide advice, guidance, and support, and work along with the Ministry Personnel in all aspects of worship services.

Membership:  Ministry Personnel, Music Director, and representation from each denomination.


  • Faith formation, baptism, marriage, Sunday School, and study groups
  • Work cooperatively with the clergy to develop regular and special worship services that include familiar procedures and traditions from both the Anglican and United Church denominations.
  • Worship is a shared responsibility. Individuals who are entrusted with leading worship may use their own discretion when crafting the worship service.
  • Liturgies will be drawn from Anglican and United Church authorized resources to meet the needs of a blended congregation.

6.2  Finance Committee

Purpose: To be responsible to the congregation and Council for the overall administration of funds so that KSM may reach its full financial potential. 

Membership: Treasurer, Envelope Secretary, and individuals with financial knowledge. 


  • Manage all financial accounting, reporting, and budgeting on a monthly and annual basis.
  • Maintain collection and recording of information for tax receipts and annual reports.
  • Manage the investment funds. 

6.3  Property Committee

Purpose: To ensure that the property, grounds and buildings are well maintained, protected against major risks, and, as appropriate, improved.

Membership: Individuals with interest and knowledge of building maintenance, repair, protection and improvement.


  • Develop annual budgets and long- term planning for building operations and renovations and to make recommendations on property improvements, major repairs or renovations. These will be submitted to the Council for view and approval and included in the annual Kimberley Shared Ministry Budget as needed.
  • Undertake scheduled and needed maintenance and repairs to maintain optimum building performance; contract with and supervise non-volunteer labour within pre-approved budgets;
  • Ensure fire, safety, and other municipal property and building rules, regulations and codes are observed.
  • Ensure (in cooperation with the Co-Owners) replacement value insurance is in place for all buildings and contents.
  • Oversee facility rental contracts.

6.4  (a) Pastoral Care. (b) Outreach, and Fellowship Committee

Purpose: To provide care for all members of the congregation, through fellowship, inclusion, and spirituality, with the guidance and support of clergy, to carry out the congregation’s mission locally and worldwide, and to bring together congregants in a social and recreational atmosphere to encourage growing fellowship within the congregation.

Membership: Individuals representing the congregation who have interests in caring, outreach, and fellowship.


(a)  Coordinate hospital and in-home visitations with clergy and other approved persons.

(b)  Reach out to those in need. 

  • Seek and evaluate appropriate projects for our social justice ministry.
  • Regularly promote Outreach programs to the congregation.
  • Cooperate with other churches, i.e. inter-church group and community agencies seeking to meet the needs of the community.
  • Provide social/recreational activities to foster fellowship within the congregation and outward into the community of Kimberley.  

6.5  Personnel Relations Committee

Purpose: Responsible for all relations with clergy and employees.

Membership: Combines the roles of Wardens and the Clergy and Personnel committee.  Minimum of three individuals with skills in personnel management and maintaining confidentiality.  Clergy are not members of the Personnel Relations Committee.


  • Provide support for clergy as well as liaison with the congregation.
  • Perform annual reviews with all employees.
  • Ensure employment contracts are maintained.

6.7  Communications Committee

Purpose: To provide the church community with information and knowledge about the activities and work of the local, as well as the national churches. To inform the broader community of fellowship, worship, and fundraising activities occurring at Kimberley Shared Ministry through a number of media and communications methods.

Membership: A minimum of three members who are skilled in the use of computers, media contact, website management, and/or written/verbal communication.


  • Maintain current website and social media activities such as Facebook.
  • Maintain an up-to-date and accurate mailing list.
  • Coordinate preparation of the Annual Report.
  • Coordinate and distribute newsletters.
  • Provide assistance with PowerPoint and video streaming as required.


There will be one unified set of financial records for KSM.

For purposes of annual reporting to the Anglican of Canada and the United Church of Canada, revenue and expenses will be split fifty/fifty.

KSM will operate under one Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) charitable registration number. For the purposes of CRA, the All Saints Anglican and Kimberly United Church CRA accounts will be amalgamated under the existing Kimberly United Church CRA account and the name will be changed to Kimberley Shared Ministry: Anglican and United. The CRA account will be registered as a subsidiary of the United Church of Canada for CRA purposes.  Kimberley Shared Ministry will continue to operate under the jurisdiction of both the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the United Church of Canada as a community of faith.

All operating funds become the property of the KSM on the effective date of the agreement, and will be held in KSM bank or investment account(s).

KSM commits to supporting United Church M&S, Anglican PWRDF, and Anglican Overseas sponsored child.

KSM commits to supporting local outreach including refugee resettlement.

The Kimberley United Church Legacy fund becomes the property of KSM.

An All-Saints Anglican Legacy Fund of equal value shall be created from the following: 

  • All Saints Building Fund
  • Any portion of All Saints Rectory fund allocated to KSM by the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay
  • Any proceeds from a sale of All Saints church building that are allocated to KSM by the Diocese of Kootenay.

The two funds will be combined into one Shared Ministry Legacy Fund and tracked as one fund. The fund may be used for KSM expenses based on a KSM Legacy Fund Terms of Reference. The New Terms of Reference will be based on the current KUC Legacy Fund Terms of Reference. The Terms of Reference shall be in compliance with the current PMRC policy for use of major assets and the Diocesan canon.


KSM will utilize the United Church building for its ministry including worship and administration.

Contents of All Saints Anglican Church and Hall will be disbursed according to Diocesan regulations and discussions with Kimberley United Church.

Upon the sale of the All Saints Anglican Building in Kimberley, the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay will use funds from the sale to purchase a ½ share of the United Church Building.

The United Church Building would then be co-owned by the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the United Church of Canada through the British Columbia Conference Property Development Council.

The funds paid to the United Church of Canada would be given the KSM for the use and benefit of Kimberley Shared Ministry. Terms of Reference for the use of these funds will be developed by the KSM. The terms of reference will be developed in compliance with both the current PMRC policy for use of major assets and the Diocesan canon.

The Land Title for the United Church building would be changed to the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the British Columbia Conference Property Development Council of The United Church of Canada. There would be a lease agreement set up with Kimberley Shared Ministry, the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the British Columbia Conference Property Development Council of The United Church of Canada to outline the responsibilities of the KSM in relation to the property.


The Termination agreement will be drafted as a separate document in consultation with theKimberley Shared Ministry governing body, the Pacific Mountain Regional Council, and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and will be reviewed by legal counsel of both the Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay before it is signed.

It will be based on the following principles:

  • Termination of this agreement may be enacted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting members of this Shared Ministry present at a duly called congregational meeting after having received a six-month notice of intention.
  • The notice must include reasons behind the decision to disband, and details on how they will provide pastoral care and service to individual members.
  • Termination shall not become effective until the governing authorities – namely the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay and the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church of Canada have been duly notified and given their consent.

9.1 Financial and property considerations upon termination

Operating funds will be split fifty-fifty between the Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay.

Kimberley Shared Ministry Legacy Fund will be split fifty-fifty between the Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay.

Any KSM funds established after this agreement was signed will be split fifty-fifty between the United Church of Canada and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay.

Kimberley United Church building sale proceeds will be split fifty-fifty between the Pacific Mountain Regional Council and the Anglican Diocese of Kootenay.


Amendments to the Shared Ministry Agreement may be made at any congregational meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majorityvote of those in attendance.

Following adoption of a proposed amendment, the secretary shall forward a copy to the primary judiciaries.

The amendments are subject to the approval of the judiciaries.


The Shared Ministry Agreement shall be reviewed by the congregation and its primary participating denominations after the first year, and then no later than three (3) years after the date this agreement is signed, and every three (3) years thereafter, to ensure that it satisfactorily represents the mission and purpose of the congregation and its primary participating denominations.