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Celebration of 100 years of Church in Kimberley

Congregational Celebration September 2&3

From our first planning meeting early in the Spring to the last wipe of the counter on Sunday, the Celebration committee has worked hard to bring a fun celebration to the community. And many more people have helped out – that’s just what we do in this church!

Saturday’s  drop-in event during First Saturday turned out to be an afternoon social, with many folks staying several hours! Lots of coffee and cake were consumed, memories jogged by the memorabilia were shared, and attendees spent time catching up with long-lost acquaintances.  The video interviews with elders brought a smile to many faces!

If you missed it, don’t worry, the memorabilia will stay up for a few more weeks, and the video is available via the church website.

Jeannie, Janice, Margaret, and Arne left everyone humming with a smile on their face after an hour of excellent music to end the day.

Sunday’s worship service was a blast from the past, starting with the vintage vestments, the processional to Holy, Holy, Holy!, and the big number of people in the pews – many of whom were dressed in vintage ‘’Sunday Best’’.  I did feel a little sorry for the gentlemen dressed in wool suits as it was a bit warm in the sanctuary, but they did look dashing!

It was extra special to have former clergy (Rev Kim and Rev Christine) take part in the service.

The luncheon was well received, judging by the small amount of leftovers.

I heard many folks reminiscing with visitors – a cherished trip down memory lane!

I can hardly wait to see all the photos Elaine Pickles and Ryan Smith took; a commemorative book will be produced.  

Many thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this celebration a success – and you are numerous! We are really blessed to have such a wonderful congregation. 

Blessings as we look forward to a bright future, doing God’s work in Kimberley,

Kathy Desbiolles

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